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As soon as I met these two I just knew the wedding was going to be amazing! Just walking onto the grounds of Croxteth Hall gave me a super excited feeling in my belly!

Amy kept describing everything they had planned and the word that kept coming out was BIG!! Everything is just BIG! I could not wait after our first meeting at Croxteth Hall... We couldn't get inside on the day but just looking up through the windows I could tell the insides were going to be stunning! I WAS NOT WRONG!!


On the day of the wedding I headed to Amy's family home whilst Michelle my assistant went to Tom's family home. The bonds between all family members and Amy's friends was so apparent from the second I walked in. It's such an amazing feeling when you are part of something like that. I ended up with tears and a lump in my throat during the I do's!


Champagne flowed and as bridesmaids danced around the living room Amy began her transformation. Her Mori Lee dress fitted like a glove and instantly turned Amy into PRINCESS AMY! I had goosebumps it was that magical! We were all huddled in Amy's parents kitchen and there was just not a dry eye! Then Dad appeared and the bloody floodgates opened!


Amy & Tom had their ceremony at the stunning Croxteth Hall & Country Park... You just couldn't take a bad picture there as the place was ridiculously easy on the eye... Stunning architecture and chandeliers to die for. Combined with these two beauties it was like something straight off the pages of a luxury bridal magazine!


As I mentioned the ceremony was tear fuelled! Everyone was a snotty mess and it was bloody brilliant! Its ceremonies like that us Photographers live for. Post ceremony guests were treated to champagne in the sun and the kids stuffed their faces with the local ice cream man's cones!


We then moved onto The Suites Hotel in Knowsley where it was confirmed that Amy meant it when she said everything was BIG.... The cake was huge! I'm tiny and it towered over me (thats not too hard to do though) 


Before the wedding breakfast there was more ice-cream... more champagne... more tears but best of all lots of laughs courtesy of the speeches. 


The main room was transformed for the night do. Music was supplied by VIP Party Time (Ray Simpson) and the amazingly talented Ellie Sax!


I caught the bride doing shots at the bar and to the crowds great delight Mr Chubby Brown made an appearance! (I do hope you can detect my sarcasm) Highlight of my day was Tom's Nan... She was the absolute life and soul of that wedding! Up dancing.... giving it beans and then stealing the bongo's and rocking it! The party ERUPTED after that! Keep an eye out for her in her hot peach jacket!


Feast your eyes on Amy & Tom


All Photographs taken by myself and my sidekick on the day Michelle of MSW Photography

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  • #1

    Amy-jane Caffrey (Saturday, 28 January 2017 16:11)

    Again, im reduced to tears! What a lovely blog about our wedding day. Can't thank you and Michelle enough for catching It all, every photo speaks a thousand words.
    I highly recommend yous to anyone and everyone.

    Thanks again Sarah
    All our love

  • #2

    Julie wall (Saturday, 28 January 2017 16:20)

    The pictures are amazing just like the day it's self , everything was perfect they done a fabulous job x