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Well I have teamed up with a very special lady to offer you a discount on your wedding photography...

So you're getting married and want to look your absolute best on your wedding day.


I know I did it myself and so many other brides to be will as well... JOINING SLIMMING WORLD or you're already a member.


Well, I just happen to know THE BEST slimming world consultant in Southport and her name is Steph. 


You know yourself when you're on the weight loss wagon you need to feel inspired... You need to get that kick up the bum every week that keeps you going when the custard creams are screaming your name in Tesco. 


She does that. AND SHE DOES IT WELL. 


Steph is a motivation herself. I knew her at school and saw the woman behind the before and after pictures. Seeing her stand there and re-live her battle with those pesky pounds honestly brought tears to my eyes. Everyone should feel the way Steph does. She has something to be really proud of. She has a success story and wants everyone who joins her group to have one too. 


Prepare yourself for goosebumps when you listen to her each week! She's honestly UNREAL!


Soooo let me get back to weddings!! If you're going to be a bride.... HOW BLOODY EXCITING!! And if you join one of Stephs groups in Southport (all details below) then you are eligible for a discount from me! ME ME ME- YOUR POTENTIAL FUTURE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER...! 


You can find out all you need to know off Steph


I look forward to hearing from all you lovely ladies & gents. And if you're not getting married and don't need a wedding photographer then good luck on your journey!


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