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Who says newborn shoots are just for human babies? The newborn fur-babies are just as important...

Meet Lally...

The Blackhurst family welcomed Lally into their home this week and marked the occasion with a newborn photo shoot!

I know she's not a newborn but we'll pretend shall we.


Just imagine a giddy Labrador puppy and times that by 100 and that's Lally right there... She really suits her name which has come from her being totally DO-LALLY!


I had to get down low to shoot her and that was what excited her the most. She charged at me at a million miles an hour a hundred times and nearly gave me a black eye! You can just tell how totally in love with her the whole family are. ESPECIALLY Dad! You'll see what I mean in a moment.


These are the type of pictures that may not mean much right now but within a couple of months Lally will be unrecognisable from what she is today... and that's when the family will look back and remember just what she was like in those first days. How small she was in comparison to the children and furniture in the house.


I know I cant remember how small my kids were. I always have to look at photographs to remember... and when I see them against an adult it really hits home how much they have actually grown in a short space of time.


Getting a puppy soon? You need to have a newborn session too!


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