2016 went a bit like this...

I had a life plan at the beginning of 2016 that wasn't meant to kick in until nearly 2019! 🙈

Until my plan kicked in I was planning to just sit round drinking coffee, being a housewife and Mum.(Living the dream eh) I felt like I wasn't in the right place in life to take my business to where I wanted it to be...So... 2019 would be the perfect time! (I used a crystal ball for that info! 😉)

But it turns out life actually had its own ideas.

Business wise 2016 has been a year that has seen everything fast forward to a place I only saw in the future. 2019 to be precise.. ( Yeah, I'm laughing at me too) I was waiting for the right time to implement all the amazing plans that whizz round my head at 3am when I should be fast asleep because the toddler gets up at stupid o clock. 

In regards to my personal life... Well lets just say someone threw a Grenade at my feet and said 'good luck with that'. Life went BOOM but I didn't get burned! Id go as far as saying I actually NAILED IT! 😊 Not on my own I might add. I had amazing support and will be eternally grateful to each and every person who coached me through not letting that Grenade blow me up! 

As humans we are always waiting for the perfect moment aren't we. That moment when if we take action everything will magically change to how we envision it. If I eat a salad then Ill be slim. If I perfect my Eyeliner then I will be beautiful. If I am slim and beautiful I'll meet Mr Right...


Nope. Does not work like that.

Don't wait.


DO NOT WAIT until you feel like its the perfect time. Now is the perfect time.


Whatever we choose to do, life still goes on. It doesn't wait. So you need to join in and enjoy the ride. 

I did need a nudge. I didn't become all cocky and charge into life like Braveheart with a painted face...  I got a lot of subtle and not so subtle nudges and here I am... in a place only 3am dreams were made of and I keep singing that god awful Robbie Williams song 'I love my life'. But its involuntary. I cant help it... then I kick myself for liking the cheesiest song hes ever released!


And guess what... Its still 2016! Two Thousand and Nineteen Shmineteen... 



So let this be your nudge... all those plans... make a start at an imperfect time.


I am here and I'm throwing a grenade at your feet... don't run from it. Embrace it.

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