3 Reasons a second photographer is a good idea!

I get asked this question a lot! Do we need a second photographer?


The short answer is 'You don't' but at times and depending on the size of your wedding they are sometimes a good idea. 


I’ve always wanted to clone myself. Imagine how much easier life would be if I had another me to share my mum/photographer/wife/friend hats with! I might even have time to chill out in the bath with a book now and then if Clone Me was out there helping with homework or doing some editing. 


Sadly that’s a dream, and I think two me’s out in the world might be a little chaotic too! However, I have worked out a way to get you guys another version of me at your wedding by having a second shooter as part of some of my packages. 


What’s a second shooter I hear you cry?! Well, it’s basically another professional wedding photographer who will come along to your wedding day, as part of my business, shoot away and then I’ll sort and edit all their photos along with mine for you. What a bonus! 


If that isn’t enough to tempt you then here are my reasons why you need to book a second shooter to cover your day with me. 


1 - There's two of YOU!

It’s a given that on the morning of a wedding I’ll be hanging out with one of you (unless you are getting ready together), photographing all the fun and laughter that unfolds.

What about your partner though? Couples love seeing what each other gets up to before the ceremony and it feels very unfair that one would get left out. 


2 - Two places at once

It goes without saying that I can only be in one place at a time. Which means that there can be a lot of action that is impossible for me to capture because I’m somewhere else. A second photographer is another pair of eyes. They’ll be in a different spot during the ceremony so you get another angle covered. Think about the moment when you see each other for the first time... One photographer means one of your expressions captured... Two means that both of your faces can be captured as you lock eyes!


While I’m off taking the more formal family photos they’ll be on hand to help round people up and snap those in between moments when you’re all giggling with each other about Auntie Joy’s heels getting stuck in the grass. While we’re off taking your portraits they’ll be back at the reception with all your guests which leads me to…


3 - All about your guests

This is, to me, the single most important reason to book a second photographer. More photos of the people you love most in the world! There are points in the day where guests will be enjoying the wedding in one part of your venue and I’ll be taking photos somewhere else - normally of the two of you. Whilst I’m telling you my terrible jokes and snapping away my second shooter will be hanging out with your guests and capturing the fun they’ll be having. Or think about your speeches. I can keep focused on whoever is speaking while my ninja like second photographer captures your guests laughing their heads off or wiping the odd tear away. 


So there you have it, my top three reasons for booking a second shooter. 


If you’d like to find out more about my wedding photography packages or if you’ve already booked and would like to talk about adding on a second photographer then get in touch! 

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