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Do you REALLY need two photographers at your wedding?

There are many practical reasons why its better to have two photographers attend your wedding day.

Two photographers isn't essential, many of us work alone but when looking at the final product and what you receive for the small cost of the a second photographer the pros far outweigh the cons.


Now I know some solo photographers are going to be going NOOOOOO.... at this but this is just my opinion and we all work in our own ways. As a wedding photographer I enjoy working alone but I also love giving my clients the whole package. 


I think as a a couple planning a wedding, usually your first, you are bombarded with so much information that you just want to make things as simple as possible. I know from past experience when I have asked couples why they don't want want a second photographer they have said that they don't want double pictures of everything. I can assure you that there isn't any chance you will get two pictures the same!

We work as a team. We split up and have our own jobs on the day. One capturing the bride, one the groom before the I do's. Then during the ceremony, I'll concentrate on the front of the room and the second photographer from another angle plus your guests. I know that when I am focussed on one part of your day my second shooter is capturing something just as epic elsewhere.

You wouldn't know any different if the pictures the second shooter takes weren't in your gallery but once you see them would you really want to have missed them?


If I work alone I am always asked to start my day with the Bride. Fabulous... All those little moments captured between her and her girls... but what about him and his boys? Why doesn't that bit of the day seem as important when it comes to documenting the day? Remember... these photographs are going to be the one thing that lasts after the day. The one physical item you can show your grandkids so they can see exactly what happened on the day Nanny and Grandad said I DO!


One photographer cannot be in two places at once. Think about when you (I am assuming you are a bride reading this! Sorry Guys) are walking down the aisle. One photographer captures that from one angle. That one angle being You... or Him... Or them...its all one at a time and its also restricted at times when you get a grumpy vicar or registrar who marks an X on the floor and demands that you don't move from it for the duration... throw a second photographer into the mix and you get so much more captured, Your face, His face, Your parents reactions... all at the same time... You can see what you were all thinking at that one exact moment. The possibilities are endless and collectively all these extra moments create a stunning story. 


Now picture this... after the ceremony when we are off for half an hour creating some gorgeous solo shots... the party back at the venue is still happening... Its the little moments that occur whilst you're not there that you won't end up with photographic evidence of. Your guests tucking into the canapés you've had to remortgage your house to pay for, The kids getting high on the contents of the sweet cart & maybe your dad giving your mum a cheeky bum pinch! (I've seen it happen). 


 For me, if your budget allows, a second photographer is a no brainer. If you can only afford one photographer... Book a good one. You may save a few pounds now but in years to come having all those additional  extra special moments captured could feel so worthwhile.


Send me a message and lets have a chat about your wedding plans!



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