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Those first few weeks with a newborn are totally precious aren't they...


New Parents take millions of pictures so they never forget those special moments...Everyone and I mean EVERYONE becomes photography obsessed where newborns are concerned and why not? Those little details and special moments shouldn't be forgotten. 


But what about you... In a year from now yes you'll have lots of pictures of your little one to look at BUT what about being able to look at a photo and be transported back to the way you felt in those early days? How about being able to remember how you looked at your little bundle? 


As a parent I know I thought I would remember everything... But I didn't. My boys are 15 & 4 now and the early days are a total haze. I was present at the time and enjoyed every moment but the next amazing thing happens and that becomes the moment you remember...then that special memory overwrites another... this process repeats its self over and over until your earliest memory isn't that far back...


Have a look at a sample of Teddy's lifestyle session and you will be able to see what I mean. Mum & Dad may look at these pictures now as a document of what happened only a few months ago BUT trust me in years to come these pictures will take on a whole new meaning...



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