Meols Hall Wedding Photographer - Emma & Danny

Meols Hall Wedding Photographer

I love being a wedding photographer. Especially when I feel like by the end of a couples wedding day I have become part of the family. Thats exactly what happened at Emma & Danny's Meols Hall wedding day.


 The day itself was a huge love fest. Everyone was so in love with the couple and they both mirrored that love back which led to a super relaxed enjoyable day for everyone involved. 


Emma & Danny both know how thankful I am that they chose me to be their wedding photographer and I hope that our photography journey isn't over any time soon... (I'm expecting a million kids from these two)


I'll let Emma tell you about the rest of the wedding day here...

THE DAY : On our 10 year anniversary Danny proposed to me in Riviara Maya Mexico. He had (unbeknown to me) previously been emailing the hotel to set up a dinner for two at the end of a jetty where he got down on one knee and proposed with my Nans ring (my best friend who we lost 4 years previously) obviously i was over the moon and although in total shock said yes immediately!! 

We didn't plan straight away (much to our mums dissapointment) but we decided to have one more year of no responsibility and went to vegas instead ha! 

So this is why we picked the date, it was exactly 13 years after getting together! 

The wedding day was perfect from start to finish! Having all our loved ones in one place is nearly impossible as they live all over the world. 

Everybody seemed as happy and relaxed as we did and we loved the fact the dance floor was constantly full! 

The speeches went better than we could of dreamt and the food seemed to go down as well as we hoped after a fab food tasting session back in June. 

Just an all round fantastic day thats left us feeling so loved its unreal!

THE STYLING : I've always loved the rustic look so Meols hall was the perfect option not only local but definitely had the wow factor i just remember thinking we wouldn't even have to decorate it i love everything already! 

I wanted everything as natural as possible, hence why we got our family and friends to save jam jars and had many a craft day with my mum and friends sticking lace and hessian to them.  My brother cut logs up for us in his garden for the table centre peices and we made the invites and menus ourselves. We loved every minute, always making it fun and having a laugh as we worked!

THE DRESS : Well where do i start... my mum made my dress for me. She is an amazing at making clothes and curtains but has never made a wedding dress before! 

Her great grandma had made her grans and she had made her mums (my grans) so she said thats what gave her the confidence to suggest it after a couple of dissapointing shopping trips. 

So we did, we designed it completely from scratch, the two of us drawing and i would send her pics of things i liked. Then she made me one out of curtain lining and i knew from then i was going to love it! 

She was so clever, patient and calm the whole way through we really did enjoy every minute! 

We went to pick out the fabric from Darwin mill which was really good fun as we had no idea what we were going for but came out all excited and pleased with the choice. 

Many fittings later it was finished by easter and my poor mum could breathe again! 

I was in love and couldn't wait to show off her talent!

THE MEN : The mens suits were from Slaters in Liverpool, who were absolutely brilliant! From start to finish the customer service was amazing and Peter that mainly looked after us became a friend! 

We had some good laughs going up there together with all the lads and partners and nearly every time making it into a day out with a meal and drinks!

THE MAIDS :  Asos! I was determined not to go down the cheesy old fashioned bridesmaids dress route so when one of the bridesmaids spotted it i was thrilled! They came in 3 colours and i liked them all so let them pick! 

My mum altered them all (practically re-making my 11 year old neices)  and i think they looked amazing!! 

Our flowergirl and neice had hers made by Dannys mums friend. Ange, having all boys, was thrilled to be able to get her granddaughter a dress made and it was gorgeous!

BEAUTY : I am a hairdresser myself and work with my best friends at Reece Birkdale so it was a natural decision to have everyone at our salon that morning! Special thanks to liam for clising the whole day to get us pampered before they came to join us at the church! 

Becca who owns Sass in Crosby is one of her friends so she had the hard task of doing 8 faces of makeup in only a few hours! 

They all smashed it and i will be forever grateful!

THE VENUE : The bricks and the chairs! Ha! Simple as that much to dannys dismay that i would choose one of the most expensive venues in the area because of bricks and i got reminded of that a few times 😂 

Obviously being local was a big thing because it meant my elderly Gran (who I am majorly close to) could come.

THE CAKE : My mum made that 2! Genious! I pretty much left her to it i knew she knew what she was doing i just said i liked the fresh flowers look and it was absolutely perfect!! My stepdad cut the log we used for the cakestand!

THE ENTERTAINMENT : This was funny! We spent an afternoon acting like simon cowell trawling the internet and were thrilled when we came across 'the essentials' they were fab! Really helpful and good at communicating and put on the best show we didn't stop dancing!

THE TRANSPORT : Magnolia cars. This is where being a hairdresser comes in useful. One of my favourite clients husbands runs a wedding car business and they helped guide me on which to pick and i loved them! Again so helpful and straight forward. My Dad who is a massive classic car fab was so impressed with them so that's good enough for me!

THE PHOTOGRAPHER : Photography was our main thing so we found you straight away and from the moment of meeting you at our house we knew we were in friendly safe hands!

The pre wedding shoot was so much fun and Danny laughed at how we were 'best mates' ha!!

Thank you so much for everything I feel like you've been my go to person for help and friendly advice and i've massively appreciated it from day one but on the wedding day you were amazing ! 


With special thanks to Lianne for being second photographer on the day too! 


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