Super Cute Pre Wedding Photography At Home in Preston

I met up with Amy & Mike at their actual wedding venue for their pre wedding photography session. 


It was super special because their wedding venue is Amy's front garden! 


Yup they are going to erect a marquee in the front garden of her parents home and throw a big fat wedding there... Can you actually think of anything better?

Your wedding and home comforts in one? I am thinking I may be more excited than them two about this one!


Mike (its always the men) was a bit shy at first but as always by the end of the session he was saying 'I LOVED THAT' 

I'll be heartbroken the day someone doesn't say that to me when its all over. Haha. I like to make sure all my couples feel utterly comfortable with me when I have my camera in hand. 


We danced, laughed and then belly laughed some more


I seriously cannot wait until the actual wedding day after a glimpse into just how fun these two are.


Thank you Amy & Mike for making my job so much easier by being absolute super stars in front of the camera.

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