Rufford Old Hall Wedding Photographer - Matt & Amy

Rufford Old Hall Wedding Photographer


Well what can I say about Amy & Matt? They are 100% my people... laid back, relaxed and absolute hearts of gold. They giggle and don't take themselves too seriously at all! Life is for living and quite clearly drinking copious amounts of Gin... (You'll see what I mean later)


The couple came into my life via a past Bride & Groom of mine and even before we had met Amy had made her mind up. I remember being sat in their house and chatting away about potentially being their wedding photographer and Amy said 'NO, We definitely want YOU' And that was that. I was theirs and they were mine! 


The day itself was exactly how I imagined... Rufford Old Hall is the most gorgeous backdrop for a wedding ceremony and Mere Brow Village Hall had that exact laid back but fun feel that I knew Amy & Matt were going for. 


It got to nearly home time for me and I mentioned to someone that I didn't feel like I had been at work at all that day... I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!


Big Loves to Michelle who was my second photographer / wing woman on the day.


I'll hand over to Amy to tell you a bit more about the big day...


How it all began : We first met at our friends house - she had Matty over to quote for a tree job and simultaneously invited me over for a brew so we could 'meet'. We swapped numbers and met up for a date a couple of days later at a local bar. We hit it off straight away! We moved into the house he helped me renovate 8months later. And 8months after that we headed back to Edinburgh where we'd been 1year earlier to enjoy the Christmas markets. It was here on the Royal Mile that  he got down on one knee and proposed :)



Wedding Day Styling : I wanted to use my own touches on the wedding as I like to be creative, and so I have put together all our table decorations, the table plan, the bunting and our welcome sign. I love flowers and have used them to help decorate our day, if money  had been no object there'd be plenty more!


The Venue : We always wanted a local wedding - the majority of our family and friends live in Southport and so it made sense. We had been to Rufford Old Hall the year before to celebrate our friends wedding and loved the venue, the history, and its beautiful gardens. We fell in love with it all over again when we went back to visit it for our own wedding and we couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else. Having the reception at Mere Brow Village Hall made sense with it being down the road. We also liked the casual feel of the hall and the free rein to totally customise the day to suit us.


The Dress: I had no idea what I wanted my dress to be like when I started looking, other than it couldn't be strapless (I just don't have the bossom to carry it off!) and therefore I had a bit of fun trying on ALL sorts of dresses. I quickly settled on a style I liked - Princess style - and found a beautiful dress at Birkdale Brides. With little sleeves that sat on top of the shoulders with a high neck, a big skirt and fabulous lace detail I had found the dress! It felt totally different to anything my friends had predicted for me, and I enjoyed feeling girly in it. Mum told me it was right 'by the look on your face'.


Hair and Beauty : Just what I liked! And not terribly different to what I would normally look like / wear it like.


The Men : The boys are all in navy wool next suits with grey waistcoats, v pale pink ties and pocket squares, and brown shoes. I might have had a bit of influence on the colour - Matty looks good in blue! - but he picked out the suit!


The Maids : My five bridesmaids are my 5 oldest school friends - some of which I've known since I was a baby. We've been through a lot together over the years and I couldn't have had my day without them by my side. My chief bridesmaid Marie has indulged my wedding talk and patiently answered all my questions over the past 16months - she's been my rock and her help has been invaluable.


The Cake : Our topper is a bride and groom on their bikes - we love cycling! We splurged a bit on this as its a lovely keepsake. The rest of the cake is pretty simple with just a sprinkle of flowers to pretty it up.


The Entertainment : A DJ for a good old knees up - love a bit of indie and dance music! And my Dads band is playing - he's learnt some newer songs for the occasion so it's not all 70s rock haha. He offered back at the beginning to play and the more we thought about it the more we loved the idea.


Transport: No one knows that we've booked a vintage VW campervan as our wedding car - we LOVE them and have just bought our own (newer model) VW van for our own adventures. We've just told people its a standard wedding car. 

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