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This question was posted in a wedding group I am in today and I wanted to steal it and ask here because I LOVE ALL THE STORIES…


Tell me how you got engaged and how soon after meeting it happened… 


Here’s mine…


I met Mr T on a dating website… it was well before Tinder and swiping left/right...  way before internet dating was seen as cool & acceptable. Meeting strangers via a website was something wierdo’s did. We were both clearly weirdo's!


One day this man dressed in a blonde wig and red swimming costume popped into my inbox… he was alright, not my usual type but had banter… we chatted for the evening and then he was pretty much forgotten about.

That was until I was bored one day and scrolling my inbox to see who was online and could give me some instant entertainment (of the text variety not actual rumpy pumpy)


We chatted daily for about a week I think after that… then decided we shouldn’t hang about before meeting because if we didn’t like each other we could move on to the next victims!


The day came and I had all sorts of nervous toilet troubles… It was 8pm and he was there, in our meeting spot and I was still at home. On the toilet playing snake. SNAKE!! You can tell how long ago this was. 


So I was fashionably late but when I arrived he ran over and opened the taxi door for me. I think… The memory is a bit hazy as I had necked a few wines earlier in the evening to deal with my nerves. 


Mr T was driving so was dealing with me stone cold sober and I honestly don’t know how or why he came back for more after that first date… but he did and I literally couldn’t get rid of him after week 3 so I took my Mum’s spare key off her and he legit moved in.


On a footy parents night out someone said to Mr T ‘When you know, You Know’ and that was that, within 3 months of our first telephone call we were drunkenly agreeing to spend the rest of our lives together. Romance is dead eh?

I’m wondering now as I am writing this if either of us woke up thinking ‘What the actual hell did I say that for… Do I really have to get married now?’ 


But we carried on. We booked our wedding before we even had the ring which was a nightmare in itself to find! I was adamant I didn’t want a diamond solitaire and after trawling every shop in the land I ended up with just that because it was the only style that suited my fat sausage fingers. 


A few days after ordering the unwanted ring (soz Mr T, I love it now obz!) when it was supposed to ready for pick up there was a delay with the shop getting it back from being re-sized (fat fingers strike again)… APPARENTLY… And this is where I found out that the man I was going to spend my life with was fucking hopeless at surprises. 

So i’d have to wait for the ‘OFFICIAL PROPOSAL’ Gutted. 


We carried on with the day and I was slipping into the passenger seat of his beloved boy racer car (apparently he is going to get another during his mid life crisis) and what did I see… A REBECCAS ANTIQUES BAG… OMG OMG OMG this is it… this is THE PROPOSAL… Arrrrgh…. I looked at him with wide eyes and an excited face and he said ‘Oh shit, I thought I’d hidden that’ 


He whipped it away and shoved it in the boot of the car. Yep the atmosphere was awkward as you can imagine… If it had been today I'd have called him a twat and slapped him however I’d only known him a few months and I had to be on my best behaviour or he might have binned me for someone who doesn't slap their boyfriends!

I then had to see him carry it into the house and listen to him shuffle off and hide it. THE ANTICIPATION WAS KILLING ME. I then saw the bag under our bed as he had hidden it SO WELL for a second time. I should have just thrown him out there and then for being such a divvy but that was clearly endearing at the time. And I now have this hilarious story to tell.


The proposal happened eventually, after he told me he had planned to take me out to a restaurant but then realised we would need a babysitter which he hadn’t arranged…TYPICAL TURNER!! I said yes and YES it was romantic... We said I do on the first anniversary of our very first date and we will be celebrating our 6th anniversary this year…

The photo's that started it all...

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