Katy & Kevin - Leeds Wedding Photographer

Pre Wedding Photography - Leeds

I know I say I am lucky a lot but as a wedding photographer when a couple like Katy & Kevin fall in to your lap its like being given exactly what you asked for on Christmas morning!


We met up at Leeds train station for their pre wedding session... It was a blind date as we'd never met before and only ever chatted over email. It took us all of about 30 seconds to realise we were a good match and we all continued to laugh for the whole time we were together. 


Such a perfect first date & I am super excited for their wedding now as they are a fellow POF couple (I met Mr T there too) and just want to have a chilled and laid back day surrounded by the people they love. PERFECT!


Over to Katy...


So how did the two of you meet?

"We met on ‘Plenty of fish’ and had our first date at Friends of Ham. After a heated debate about eating Yorkshire puddings as a starter the rest is history"


Tell me about the proposal...

On our way to the theatre we went to explore a new gin bar, which turned out to be closed when we got there! We sat in the empty bar, and under the rouse of it being an early birthday present Kev produced a wrapped present. Having to unwrap it for me (because I ‘was going to open it the wrong way up’☺ ) it was a ‘What Katy did next’ book. At the top were little tabs, as I opened each one, most of the text was blacked out, leaving only the words Kev had left for me to read. I read in nervous excitement, and as I turned to the last tab, there was a ring box sat where he had cut a hole in to the rest of the book.

As I looked up he had a ring in his hand…..and asked me to marry him! 


I managed to say yes in the shock, and we went to find a bar that was actually open to get a stiff drink! 

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