Rain on your wedding day!

Rain & Wedding Photos - Should you be worried?

No, No, No! Definitely not!

Many of my couples text me in the run up to the day panicking because the long range forecast is predicting rain and they want to know that I’ll still get great photos. I always say to them, rain on your wedding day doesn’t matter! It makes no difference to me and it’s something you can’t control so why worry about it?! 

In all my years of being a wedding photographer I’ve taken pictures in all kinds of weather, I always have back up plans and I’m not going to let a bit of a shower spoil your day. There are a few things you can do though which will help put your mind at ease and stop any worries. These are my handy hints to make your wet wedding go with a bang, not a whimper. 


Be prepared! 

My first rule, prepare for rain (because then Sod’s Law will decree that you have a sunny wedding)! Get yourself some lovely new wellies, buy a load of umbrellas and then whatever happens with the weather we know we can always get outside if we need to. You can even match your umbrellas and wellies to your wedding colours, or go crazy and colourful! 

If it’s likely to be a bit chilly then make sure you have something with you to keep you warm. Whilst a new husband does an excellent job of this I’d also recommend a jacket or wrap too! I love how xxx rocks her denim/leather jacket in this portrait of her and xx! 


Oh and ladies, waterproof mascara is a must! 


Have a backup plan

I’m a big believer in knowing what the worst case scenarios would be, so that you can plan for them and celebrate when it doesn’t happen! Ahead of your day chat to your venue about their ‘rainy day’ plans. Where will the ceremony be held if your planned outdoor one can’t go ahead? If it’s too wet for drinks on the lawn where will they serve the fizz? Every UK wedding venue will have had one or two (or more!) rainy weddings so they’ll be more than prepared should the weather take a turn for the worse on your big day. 


Get outside! 

Whatever the weather is like if you two are happy to get outside then I am more than happy to join you! My cameras are super robust and can deal with (pretty much) anything I ask of them. All I’d need you two to do then is snuggle up and smile while I work my magic! 


Keep the action indoors

Sometimes, even with the best will in the world, the weather is just too crazy for us to venture outside. But that’s ok! If it looks like that will be the case then I will have had a good scout around your venue and found some hidden corners for us to sneak off to and take some portraits. We’ll make the most of everything it has to offer! Just like these ones of x and x. 

I’ll also find enough space for us to take those all important family photos, so you can all keep nice and dry. I always have lighting equipment with me so I can take those more formal photographs anywhere. 


Epic portraits

Crazy weather can make for some utterly unique and dramatic portraits. We can dash out after dark and get some fantastic silhouette photos with umbrellas. Or I can use off camera flash to really show off those rain drops. As an added bonus a cloudy, rainy day can lead to an amazing sunset! 


Trust me 

I’ll be keeping an eye on the weather throughout the day and I will always come and grab you if there’s a break in the rain so we can get outside. I’ll also let you know if there is a cracking sunset happening! It may be that I suggest shuffling things around slightly to make the most of a dry spell. It’s totally up to you if that happens or not but I’ll always run things past you so we can make a decision that works best for your day and for your photos. 



Most importantly, make the most of your day, whatever is going on with the weather. Nothing will change the fact that you’ve just married the love of your life! Superstition even says that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck! 

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