Calorie Corner / Wedding Dessert Ideas

The ultimate wedding dessert...

When you're planning a wedding you have to make A LOT of choices on behalf of your guests and one of those choices is what they're eating throughout their day with you.


I was browsing a wedding forum not so long ago where a bride was asking for dessert suggestions.... she wanted to provide something that covered all bases and kept all of her guests happy rather than choosing one dessert for all and just hoping for the best. 


Thats when I spotted the genius suggestion of a CALORIE CORNER. 


I know, the name even sounds delicious doesn't it. But what is a calorie corner I'm hearing you ask... Well, put simply its a dessert table! Full of the most amazing calorific treats known to human kind! 


Now I am gutted I am already married and cant put have a calorie corner to treat my guests to BUT you still could... I have done a little research and popped some of the best I've seen below. 

Image via : Alwaysflawlessproductions
Image via : Alwaysflawlessproductions
Image Via : Pinterest
Image Via : Pinterest

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