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Wedding Planning: Doing it your own way!


by Wedding Planner & Stylist, Carolyn Louise


There are many traditions when it comes to weddings but many of these traditions are seen as old

fashioned. Lets take the throwing of the bouquet as an example. Flower trends have changed

over the years and many bouquets now are beautiful works of art and so big and sometimes

heavy that you are likely to knock someone out even if you do manage to throw the bouquet! This

is definitely a tradition that isn’t really seen anymore.


Anyway, this blog post is about ‘doing it your own way’ and emphasising to couples that it is OK

to do whatever you want to do! It’s your day and it should reflect both of your personalities,

interests and personal style. Don’t feel guilty about wanting to do something different.

Before I work with any client on a full wedding plan I will carry out a full consultation to find out as

much as I can about the couple and what makes them tick and most important what do you and

what do you want your guests to remember about the day. One of the biggest trends at the

moment is creating a guest experience, there is so much choice now when it comes to where you

get married, what type of food you eat, music and entertainment, you can literally choose to have

whatever you want. People aren’t choosing traditional wedding venues anymore because they

want the freedom and flexibility to bring in their own caterers or decorate the venue how they

want. I think many people decide to go down the traditional route because it’s ‘easy’. A venue will

provide you with a package and really you don’t have to worry about hiring furniture to a remote

field in the middle of nowhere - so if you can’t afford a wedding planner to help you plan and style

your non-traditional wedding, there’s a few top tips below to help you get started.


#1 Decide exactly what kind of day you want

Have an open and honest conversation with your fiancee about what you both want at the

wedding and how you visualise your day. Then talk to your parents or close family members who

are potentially helping you pay for the wedding to manage their expectations about what you

want - this will help avoid any arguments or awkward situations later down the line, especially if

they assumed you would have a ‘traditional’ wedding.


#2 Decide on your budget

Getting married in a dry hire venue doesn’t mean more expense, you may have family that live on

a farm or have enough land to hold a marquee or you may opt for a reception in a village hall and

put on afternoon tea. It’s important to work out your budget before you choose a venue.


#3 Make a list

Dry hire venues have less restrictions and will be a lot more flexible in allowing you to style the

venue exactly how you want. However you may need to hire in extras, for example if you are

getting married in a remote location or in a marquee, you may need to hire in toilets, lighting and



#4 Give yourselves plenty of time

If you aren’t getting in expert help in the form of a wedding planner then ensure you give

yourselves plenty of time to plan the wedding. A non-traditional wedding can take more time to

plan and involve more suppliers and logistics.


#5 Get a team of people onboard to help

Make sure you give yourselves plenty of time for the set up and break down of your wedding. It’s

a good idea to have a team of friends and family that will help you in the few days before the

wedding and make sure you have someone to greet suppliers on the day of the wedding as if

you’re the bride you are going to want to be getting ready for your big day and not worrying about

the set-up of your venue. A wedding planner often offers on-the-day co-ordination services which

would be a lot cheaper than hiring them for the full wedding plan but may be worth considering to

help run the day of the wedding and finalise logistics and set up schedules for suppliers.



Carolyn Louise is a Wedding Planning & Styling business, specialising in planning and creating

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search to full wedding planning.

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