You’re here because you’ve set a date for the most magical day of your life and you’re now on the journey of finding the perfect wedding photographer for you.



As an experienced wedding photographer I know the one thing that lasts once the day is over are the photographs (alongside a lifetime of love and happiness). You’re not just paying for my time but also my skill and experience in the field.


Remember that your wedding photography is an investment. I have some regret over my wedding photography and I hope no one ever goes through it... You can read more about it on my blog.


"A wedding goes by in a flash. The dress gets worn once, the flowers die, the champagne is drained, the cake is finished and the memories fade. But a good wedding photographer will be able to transport you back to the way you felt and capture all the things you didn't see or won't remember in years to come" Jacki Bruniquel...

Natural Wedding Photography thats full of JOY

I've been in your shoes and know that every choice you make for your wedding has to be right. The wedding industry is saturated with suppliers and that makes the choices you make even harder. 


When it comes to choosing your Photographer you need to think about the actual day. Your Photographer is one of the only suppliers who will spend the whole day at your side. 


Helping you into your dress, pinning on the button holes and telling you to breathe... We've done it all before... hundreds of times and know what to expect. 


I can help guide you through the day and help ease your nerves. 


But for all that to happen there needs to be a connection. 


You are entrusting your future memories to me or any photographer you choose so pick someone who is going to get the best out of you by being a friend on the day and not just a photographer...

Planning a wedding is complicated enough without me adding to the confusion so I want to keep the task 

of choosing what you need from me simple.


ME! - The best bit obviously!... get my expertise, my guidance & help all the way through your planning process




Images edited in my own style which is designed to reflect your story & day


Images supplied in High Resolution with print release so you can stick your mug on a mug and give it as a Christmas gift to every member of your family if your heart desires.

She's truly amazing & such a talented professional Photographer. Very attentive & nothing is too much trouble. I feel like I've known Sarah for years. We felt at ease & I laughed until my face ached. Which has made for great pictures.

I'm so pleased that Sarah captured our special day

Kimberley Wright (bride)

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