Frequently asked questions...

What is your photographic style? - I have a unique style called “You wont even know I am there”! Haha!  

For 90% of your wedding day I'll be super stealthy, documenting whats going on. The other 10% of the time I do get involved by directing people for group photographs and your more traditional couple portraits. If you decide you don’t want any of the posed photographs then you'll never have to hear me say 'Cheese'


What if we hate having our photo taken? - Don't panic! Firstly I’ve never met a couple who love having their photo taken so you’re not alone! Secondly, I have skills! These skills of mine produce amazing, natural photographs without you even knowing I’ve taken a picture. 

Most importantly I make the whole photographic process relaxed and easy for you. Speak to any of my past couples and not one of them will tell you they disliked me being photographed by me. 


When do we get our pictures? - After your wedding the first thing I do is back up all of your memories. I'll then have a big sleep and drink copious amounts of coffee! Within a few days I put some sneak peeks online for you. Your full online gallery will then be ready for viewing within 8 weeks.


How many pictures do we get? - The amount of pictures delivered to you after your wedding date is totally dependant on many things. These include how many hours I am with you on the day, if you have booked a second photographer, the number of guests you had etc. Basically the more of everything ‘wedding wise’ then more photos I have to deliver is generally how it works. As a minimum though I deliver 300 images.


Do you have insurance? - Yes! I have public liability insurance and I also insure all my cameras and kit. I have everything in place to make sure that should a situation arise we’re covered. 


Do we get copyright? - I retain copyright of all my work. With your photographs you get printing rights. This means that you can share your pictures any way you desire. 

You can print them out and enjoy them every single day.  You can pop them in frames or can even print them onto mugs or t-shirts if that’s your thing!

The only things you can't do with your pictures are sell them on for profit or use them commercially.  If you have any suppliers who would like to use your photographs please ask them to get in touch with me. 


What if you are ill on the day? - Touch wood I’ve never had to miss a wedding yet. Now, if the worst was to happen - by worst I mean I would have to be DYING - then I have a large network of professional photographers who I can call upon to attend your wedding in my place. 


What if I were to actually die? Well, then there is someone very special who knows how to access all relevant information and files.


Do you charge for travel? - Nope! The price you see is what you pay. No hidden extras for weddings anywhere in the UK. Pricing for portrait and lifestyle sessions are based on a 20 mile radius of PR1 but I will travel further. 

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