Your wedding photography is an investment...

definition of bride chills

In brief I am an 18 year old festival going party girl stuck inside the body of a 36 year old married mum of 3 with a cat who parkour's round my house leaving muddy footprints every-bloody-where. 

Thanks to my beautiful Nan I have always been aware of the importance of photographs and photography. She was a photo hoarder and has a suitcase packed full of memories. Without her and her images I wouldn’t know who half of my family were. It makes me chuckle how similar we both are, photography is clearly in my blood! 


This incredible lady is well into her 70s. She is fit as a fiddle (after taking on and beating the big C - go Nanna!) but every single time I see her I take photo of her. Nothing more than a snapshot on my phone but I know that one day that’s all that’s going to be left. When she is way up there, shaking her booty to an awesome reggae song, I’ll have these photos to take me back in time and remind me of all the moments that we spent together. 


Around 13 years ago I stopped just looking at photos and started taking them! I borrowed my uncle’s digital camera to take a gazillion photos of my little boy. I wanted to capture so many photographs of him as he was growing up far too fast for my liking! These days that little boy towers over my head and avoids me and my camera as much as he can but I have a box full of memories that we’d never have if I hadn’t been so snap happy. 


Every now and then I’ll dig out my box of photos and look back at my family. Seeing how we’ve all changed over the years, the holidays we’ve had, the times the boys have spent together is wonderful and makes me feel so grateful for the chance to capture everything in a photograph.  I love knowing that I can add my pictures of the boys to the suitcases of memories my Nan is leaving me...


Family. Memories and nostalgia. Three little words that mean so much. Reminiscing does funny things to us doesn't it.  Before I became a wedding photographer I worked in fashion and it did nothing for my soul. Yes I spent my day with some lovely male models which was a bonus but truth be told looking at their perfect stubble on my screen everyday was BORING and the photos had no meaning behind them. 


So that’s how I found myself here, taking photographs on people’s wedding days. Sharing the best day of people’s lives alongside them and then being able to hand over physical reminders of a day which will eventually become memories. It gives me goosebumps knowing that years from now a past couple of mine are going to look at a wedding photo I've taken and be transported back to that day. They'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside as they’re reminded of something or someone.

Ok, now I’m feeling all nostalgic I’m going to wipe the tears away and crack on. Just be warned, I'll more than likely shed a tear at your wedding! 


Oh! Whilst I am on the topic of photographs and memories, have you seen the film COCO? OMG... I totally ugly cried watching it. If you have not seen it then please put that on your to-do list in the near future!

I have three wedding photography packages to choose from starting at £1199, if you aren't needing full day coverage or you are saying I DO Monday-Thursday rather than a weekend then please get in touch about a bespoke package. I wont bite and always love a good natter about weddings so don't be shy!