Photo Books


All of the photo books and products I sell are handmade in Cheshire, UK. 

Photo Book Pricing...

  • £50 Mini Book 6 Spread                                            
  • £60 Mini Book 10 spread                                   
  • £75 Mini Book 15 spread                                         
  • £120 8x8 Photo book 10 spread      
  • £8 Additional spread 8x8                        
  • £150 10x10 Photo book  10 spread
  • £10 Additional spread 10x10                  
  • £200 12x12 Photo book   10 spread  
  • £15 Additional spread 12x12  
  • £65 Double Folio 5x5
  • £100 Double Folio 8x8        
  • £90 Triple Folio 5x5
  • £135 Triple Folio 8x8  
  • £45 USB  
  • £100 Gift Photo Book (identical version of your design) 8x8
  • £300 Family offer which consists of 1 main 10x10 Photo book with 2 x Gift books 

Gift Books:

Gift books are a great way to say thank you to anyone who may have helped you with your wedding in some way. A gift book is an identical version of your book in 8x8... you can however have them any size you want. You can also create a whole new design for a gift book. (Prices are above)

Mini Books:

You can choose either a plain material cover with or without text or have your favourite photograph as the cover of your mini book.

Perfect for your handbag with your wedding highlights in or for gifting to a family member who has helped you with your wedding in any way.

These mini books are available in 3 sizes. 6/10/15 spreads. Each spread is 2 sides so to give you an idea you can have 12 images in a 6 spread album & 20 in a 10 spread if using one image per side.


Folios are a great display product. They are free standing and can be colour co-ordinated to your room decor. You can choose either a double or triple folio to show off your favourite 2 or 3 images from your wedding day. 

Any images selected need to be cropped into a square format so please be mindful of this when selected images to be included in your folio.

Cover Options:

You can choose your cover option to match your wedding colours or even to match the decor in the room you're going to store it. 

Below are the available options. Crash is a Linen whilst all the rest are a PU leather look or fabric. 

Have a think about the longevity of your album when choosing your cover material. The leather look materials are wipe clean and in my opinion will look better for longer. 

But if you don't have kids or cats that could possibly dirty your album then a fabric is a great choice and the colours ARE gorgeous!

How to order:

The first thing you need to do to start off your photo book design is create a favourites list in your wedding gallery. Call it 'Our Album' or similar so I can differentiate between your own personal album and any additional ones you may order for family members. You can then go on to name them 'Mums Album' , 'Dereks Album' or whatever. 


Have a think about the following and let me know what you want and don't want either via email or by using the contact form below.


Do you want me to add in additional spreads if the design looks better with the extra space needed for your chosen images? If you do not want any additional charges then please keep your photo choices to the suggested 30 images and let me know that you DO NOT  want me to add any extra spreads whilst designing.

I still may not be able to include ALL of your selected 30 images but will do my very best and I will always consult you if I need to leave any out due to space issues on in your standard 10 spread photo book. 


Do you want a plain material cover or your favourite photo? 


If you're opting for a material cover do you want text adding? Ie 'Sarah & Martin 26.08.2012' or 'Our Wedding' - All your text will be on one line


I order your album in  velvet/lustre as standard which is a deep matt finish.  If you want your pages/front cover to have either a silk or glossy finish then please let me know. 


Choose the material you want for your photo book from the list above. Even if you have selected to have a photo on your cover the back of your photo book requires a material finish. 


Do you want a presentation box to keep your photo book clean whilst stored?


Do you want to order gift albums? These are shrunken copies of your main album to gift to anyone who may have helped you out with your wedding day. You do not need to create favourites lists for these - Just let me know how many you want to order.


Do you want to order any additional albums with a new design? You will need to create a new favourite list for each new design. 


If you are ordering folios please create a list within your gallery for each one. These will either have two or three images each. Please be aware that the photo's will be cropped into a square format so you'll need to select images that can be cropped this way. If you have any issues with this just ask!


If you have a digital only photography package would you like a USB with your gallery on?

There is SO much info here I know! If you are struggling to digest it all and haven't got a clue where to start or what you want I do have samples and can meet with you to go through all your options in person. Just get in touch and we can pop a date in the diary.

**Photo Books orders are placed twice throughout the year during quieter periods. Generally October & March. Depending on when you have ordered yours you'll be placed on the next order**

If you're having text added to the cover of your photo book please note that this can only be added to a full material cover and is one line of text only.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.