For couples who want awesome photographs of their day but don't want the day to be about the photographs!

Thats it. I get it. I was the same at my own wedding. I didn't want to pose or spend a huge amount of time on photos but I wanted great photos to remember the day by.

And thats pretty much how I work as a photographer. Giving you what you want. The Photo's.

But in the shortest time possible!

I am fun to be around (lots of people can back me up on that...haha)  but your wedding day isn't about spending time with me. 

Lets get what we need and get you back to enjoying the day you've spent so much time and effort on.

As standard: 

  • Me! Not just on the day either. I'm always around if you need a chat or any wedding related advice.
  • A fully insured and super professional service throughout 
  • Your images edited in my signature style (usually whilst I scoff haribo wearing cat Pj's)
  • A password protected online gallery including high resolution images available for sharing &  instant download.

In addition to the above I do offer shorter coverage and twilight packages for couples who don't require full coverage. Just drop me an email to tell me all about you plans and we can go from there.

I've kept my pricing simple so that you get what you want and don't pay for anything you don't need!

Prices start at £1250.

Contact Me for a full breakdown of my wedding photography packages.