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Weddings, Weddings, Weddings, ..... I love them! 


And why wouldn't I? I get to spend the day with two people who are super in love and having the time of their lives surrounded by the people they care about the most.


You're reading this because a ring has been put on it and its now time to tick some things off your planning list. Don't be a dick like me though...I didn't prioritise photography on my wedding day and I know you're sat there thinking "Yeah Yeah You're gonna say that... You want my money' But seriously... take it from someone who has been there... made the wrong choice and has the photographs to prove it. If you're intrigued about what the hell I am going on about you can read more about my wedding photography story here...

I'd try and be funny here and literally just write the word 'Hi' and leave but that may not translate over the internet so I will stick around and tell you a bit about me...


In brief I am an 18 year old festival going party girl stuck inside the body of a 36 year old married mum of 3 with a cat who parkour's round my house leaving muddy footprints every-bloody-where. 

I discovered my love for photography when I borrowed my uncles digital camera about 13ish years ago... I wanted to take a gazillion pictures of my little boy who these days towers over my head and avoids me and my camera as much as he possibly can, Luckily I have an attic full of memories we'd never had had if I hadn't been so snap happy. 


Memories... Nostalgia... Do funny things to us don't they. My old photography job in fashion did nothing for my soul. I spent my days with lovely male models which made the work days quick but looking at their perfect stubble on my screen everyday was BORING! 

I think thats how I find myself here... Wanting to share the best day of peoples lives alongside them and then being able to hand over physical reminders of a day which will eventually become memories. In 5/10/15 years from now a past couple of mine are going to look at a wedding photo I've taken and be transported back, they'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside and maybe even the hairs on their arms will stand up like mine are now whilst I am thinking about the future. They will be reminded of something or someone. 


Photographs are so so important. I wouldn't know who half of my family were if it wasn't for my nan being a photograph hoarder. Now I'm writing this I am proper chuckling to myself realising just where I get it from. Its clearly in my blood. 


She is well into her 70's, She is fit as a fiddle (after beating the big C - GO NANNA) but every time I visit I take a photo of her. Just on my phone but I know soon enough thats all thats going to be left. When she is shaking her booty to some awesome reggae song way up there I'll have these photos to transport me back. To remind me of these moments that would otherwise be erased from my memory. 

I can add my pictures to the suitcases of memories she is leaving me...

Ok I'm wiping the tears away now and cracking on... (I'll more than likely shed a tear at your wedding so be prepared for that)


But whilst I am on the topic of photographs and memories... have you seen the film COCO? OMG... I totally ugly cried watching it. If you have not seen it then please put that on your to-do list in the near future.





Pre Wedding/Engagement Session

10 hours

Two Photographers

Online gallery with digital download

Photo Book 










8 Hours

One Photographer

Online gallery with digital download 












6 Hours

One Photographer

Online gallery with digital download 








Add on's :


Pre Wedding/Engagement Session : £299

Additional Hours on your wedding day : £149

Second Photographer : £199

Photo Book : £249

Prints : From £15

Wall Art : From £95

Smaller Weddings/Weekday Weddings/Quiet Season - Drop me an email and we can talk about your requirements!

Booking fee's are £299 and your date will be secure once paid. I only take in 3 weddings per month (to keep a good work/life balance) so if you are keen on having me with you on the day then don't hang about because I HATE saying no to people. 


Theres not really much more to tell. You get married, and I will be there every step of the way. 


If you have any questions then you can have a look at my FAQ's or give me a bell. 



Think I'd be a good addition to your big day? Want to check if I am free on your date?


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