Wedding planning hints and tips...

Weddings, that one day that is planned for months (sometimes years) in advance. It’s a day we put our all into it and we only tend to do it once so there’s a lot to learn from the moment you say yes to the proposal! 


Luckily I’ve been lucky enough to not only plan my own wedding but to attend a lot of weddings in my years as a wedding photographer so I have a lot of advice and hints and tips that can help you in your planning. I found that whenever I was meeting with couples I was having the same conversations over and over again. It made me realise that there’s a real need for guidance and someone to (virtually) hold your hand as you put together your plans. I think I also just love dishing out advice! Haha! 

I’ve put together some blogs full of things I’ve learnt and I’ll be adding to this regularly too so be sure to keep checking back! My plan is to have blogs on all kinds of topics relating to wedding planning.


Now, just as a word of warning, I’m not confessing to have a hidden talent here in either writing or wedding planning. I’m definitely sticking to my day job! But I do enjoy getting my thoughts out on my blog and I know it’s helped couples. Have a read, you don’t have to agree or you may have other thoughts (and please let me know if you do) but I hope you can take a little something from one of them. 


It’s well worth beginning with “I’ve just got engaged, now where do I start” even if you’ve actually been engaged for a while. You never know, there might be something you’ve not thought of in there! Grab a cuppa and enjoy! 

two bridesmaids dancing in a black and white photograph
Bride and groom laughing in black at white