Welcome and congratulations! I’m guessing that you’ve now set a date for what will be one of the most magical days of your life and you’re now on the hunt to find the perfect wedding photographer for you. 


I know that the only thing that lasts once the day is over is the photography (and a lifetime of love and happiness of course).


I’m saying this not only as an experienced wedding photographer but as a married woman. Sadly I have some regret over my wedding photographs and I’d hate for you to go through the same thing. You can read more about the story of my wedding - and the lessons I’ve learnt - over on my blog. You’re not just paying for my time but also my skill and experience in the field.


Chances are that you’re are doing this for the first time and have attended just a handful of weddings. I’ve been to so many now I’m almost losing count! Obviously there was my own wedding to Mr T - I’m dreaming of a vow renewal…watch this space! Then of course there’s all the weddings I’ve attended as a photographer. Now, I’m no Elizabeth Taylor but I am a woman who knows what makes a good wedding so who better to have by your side on your big day (apart from your true love of course!) 


I've been in your shoes and I know that every choice you make for your wedding has to be right. I can remember how daunting it can feel finding the right supplier for you out of the hundreds of businesses that there are in the wedding industry. With that in mind I’ve put together a little guide to helping you choose your ideal wedding photographer. 


Some of my top tips for choosing your wedding photographer…


Choose someone whose work you love


This should go without saying but I’ve heard from brides who booked their photographer without looking at their portfolio and then were so unhappy with the results. This is why I have so many wedding photographs all over my website. You can also view recent wedding over on my blog. I want you to be sure that the photographs I take are the style of photographs that you’re looking for. I specialise in beautiful, natural wedding photographs combined with stylish editorial portraits of you both. The kind of photographs you want to hang on your wall and look at every day.


Choose someone with experience


The main thing I learnt from my own wedding photographs is that your wedding photography is an investment. You’re not just paying for someone to turn up on the day with a camera. You’re also paying for the skill and experience that has taken years in the field to learn. As well as my degree in Photography I still keep up my training today. I’m a firm believer that you never stop learning. I/m also proud to be a completely unflappable people person. Throw anything at me on a wedding day (not literally!) and I’ll keep my cool. 


Choose someone who you LIKE!


When it comes to picking your photographer keep in mind that they are one of the only suppliers who will spend the whole day at your side. I’ll be there for you from the moment I arrive, helping you into your dress, pinning on button holes and reminding you to breathe...I've done it all before, hundreds of times in fact and I will guide you through the day and help ease your nerves. 

But for all that to happen there needs to be a connection. 

You are entrusting your future memories to me (or any photographer you choose) so pick someone who is going to get the best out of you by being your friend and not just your photographer...


"A wedding goes by in a flash. The dress gets worn once, the flowers die, the champagne is drained, the cake is finished and the memories fade. But a good wedding photographer will be able to transport you back to the way you felt and capture all the things you didn't see or won't remember in years to come"

What you get if you book me...


Planning a wedding is complicated enough without me adding to the confusion so I like to keep this bit nice and simple. 

If you’ve have a look through my website and blog and love what you see then I would love to chat more to you about your plans for your wedding day. You can get in touch with me via my contact page . 

If you do go on to book me then you can be guaranteed a number of things. 


ME! - The best bit, obviously! You get my expertise and guidance all the way through your planning process. If you want to find out more about me and what makes me tick then grab a cuppa and join me over on my about me page. 

Exclusivity – I shoot a limited number of weddings per year in order to ensure that all my couples get a dedicated and personal service. This also helps me to remain a sane wife and mother! 


Beautiful photographs - All the supplied images are edited in my signature style which has been meticulously designed to reflect your story and your day.

Print release - I supply all the edited images in high resolution along with a print release. This means you can frame your photos and put them all over your walls, give canvases as gifts to friends or even stick your mug on a mug and give it as a Christmas gift to every member of your family if your heart desires!


If you have any questions about your wedding photography then my FAQ page has answers to the more common ones. You can also get in touch with me via my contact page.