a portrait of a wedding photographer  in lancashire



'Quick Martin, Get a photo of me whilst I have some make up on...'



Little crash course in how to use my camera and me fighting off a naked potty training toddler and this picture happened!


You would never guess I was having a bum rubbed on my foot would you?


I think that proves I can handle just about anything! Including anything your wedding day throws at us! 


No two days or weddings are the same. Chances are you are doing this for the first time, I have done it plenty of times, Only once to Mr T (but the dream is to renew our vows) Im no Elizabeth Taylor but I am a woman who knows how a wedding SHOULD go down! So who better to have by your side than me! The woman who can act ever so professional whilst handling a toddler bum situation and teaching her husband

some photography skills!

In action and Meols Hall in Southport
In action and Meols Hall in Southport
Might only be little but I get the job done!
Might only be little but I get the job done!


There are lots of things  in life that I love, but my main passion (apart from photography) is my boys. Cian & Freddie. I've also recently acquired a full time step daughter too so Im currently learning how to parent a GIRL too!


Being a mum makes me the person I am. The kids make me the best version of myself I can be... and everything else just falls into place around it.


If you ever want to make me smile talk to me about food, cakes, bike rides, the great outdoors, reality TV (yeah I adore car crash real life people watching) or cocktails.


I'm not a complicated person (unless you ask my husband) and try to keep everything in life simple and organised... ask me about my huge obsession with plastic baskets and I will fill you in! 


I struggle to start the day without a coffee and can't end the day without a (2 hour) quick scroll through Facebook, which then leads to instagram and then maybe onto Pinterest... A 2 min scroll always ends up becoming a reason the coffee is needed the next day isn't it!



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