Meet Sarah...

wedding photographer lancashire

'Quick Martin, Get a photo of me whilst I have some make up on...'


Little crash course in how to use my camera and me fighting off a naked potty training toddler and this picture happened! You would never guess I was having a bum rubbed on my foot would you?


But that's real life and that's what I love. Honest, Real and Raw.


Its also how I work. I capture those moments in your life that you'll never see from the angle I do.



There are lots of things  in life that I love, but my main passion (apart from photography) is my boys. Cian & Freddie. 


Being a mum makes me the person I am. Those two boys make me the best version of myself I can be... and everything else just falls into place.


If you ever want to make me smile talk to me about food, cakes, bike rides, the great outdoors, reality TV (yeah I adore car crash real life people watching) or cocktails.


I'm not a complicated person (unless you ask my husband) and try to keep everything in life simple and organised... ask me about my huge obsession with plastic baskets and I will fill you in!


I struggle to start the day without a coffee and can't end the day without a (2 hour) quick look at Facebook! A 2 min scroll always ends up becoming a reason the coffee is needed the next day isn't it!


Well that's me so now lets get to know YOU!

In action and Meols Hall in Southport
In action and Meols Hall in Southport
Might only be little but I get the job done!
Might only be little but I get the job done!

My style...

People sometimes ask me what my 'style' of photography is... I usually stare at them with a bewildered look on my face. I don't class myself as being a part of a certain genre such as documentary or fine art. 


I like to bring the best out in people. Wether it be a portrait session or a full day wedding by the end of it my camera is always capturing people being themselves.


My main aim as a photography is provide all my clients with a true representation of what happened during their session or wedding. I want to create a story that they can keep re-living over and over again. 


I don't like to dictate what people do, of course I sometimes have to take control and direct people but I get the best photographs when my clients are at their most relaxed and that is part of my approach or 'style'. Letting things happen with very little guidance. I want all my clients to just be themselves because thats who they will recognise in a photograph. Not themselves trying to show their best side in an awkward pose.


The whole process is a journey... I like to get to know my client's so that I can make them feel relaxed in my company. I've not met anyone yet who said I made them feel awkward... I meet lots of people who say they hate being photographed and 99% of the population do. I agree, I am one of those people but I never make you feel like you are in front of the camera... I never make you POSE! Pose is a scary word isn't it? Nope. None of that at all you'll be happy to hear.


The majority of clients who book me do so because I have the ability to get the best out of people... I am able to capture people having the time of their lives... and thats because they usually are! 


So yeah, I don't have a style, I don't fit into a box because people are different so no two days with my clients are the same so how can I put a name on it?


If you look at my work and think 'she does have a style, what is she talking about?' then let me into the secret! haha...