Family Photography Sessions

Family Portrait Photography Sessions

I absolutely adore photographing families and children. Shoots like this are a fantastic way of capturing a moment in time with your loved ones. I keep the session relaxed and full of laughter so that we get some lovely and natural photographs of you all together. I work with you to get the very best photographs possible so don’t worry if you feel like you’re rubbish at posing or hate being in front of the camera. 


With family and children portrait sessions I like to keep things nice and relaxed while giving you all some gentle direction in order to get the beautiful family photographs you see below. Before the session I will talk to you about the best clothes to wear (clothes with a similar colour palette and no giant or bright logos work best). I’ll also do my very best to make you laugh at my (awful) jokes and you’ll have to put up with me throwing myself into bushes, or lying on the ground in order to get the best angles! Anything for my art eh! 


 I’ve found that the best way to get those relaxed portrait photographs of you all is to go to a location that you love. That can be anywhere from a local park to your garden or a walk that you often make together. If you get stuck and can’t think of anywhere though, or are not sure if a location will work, then just get in touch and I can give you some suggestions or advice. 

My Family and Children Portrait sessions are £75. This includes my time, travel to your home (or other location) and an online password protected gallery. 

Prints, products & digital downloads will be available for purchase directly from your gallery. You can view the price list here.

Family Lifestyle Photography Sessions

I am just going to say it, I love life! The smiles, the laughter, the ups and downs. That’s why I love to capture real moments with my photography. For me it’s the best way, the only way, of seeing connections and emotions between people and, most importantly, between families.  


My family and children Lifestyle photography is 100% unscripted, it’s photography that tells a story. Perfect for those of you who are after ‘fly on the wall’, documentary moments of your family. 


The beauty of photography like this is that it can be used for any type of ‘life’ event, or even to tell the story of your day to day lives. It really does capture a moment in time of your family because lets face it, time flies by so fast doesn’t it! Before we know it our cute little toddlers are sulky teenagers! 


So many people come to me before they book their family photography and worry that they’re rubbish at posing, or their children might play up or they’d love to have photos in their house but do they need to tidy up…for me family photography isn’t about perfection. It’s about reality. It’s your family life. I don’t expect you to be smiling all the time, or looking down my lens. I also promise I won’t make you shout “Cheese!” I’m there to document a snapshot of your life as a family, warts and all! 


Now I completely understand the a full, unscripted Lifestyle session is not for everyone. They're different in the fact you're not looking for that one WOW shot to hang on the wall... They serve as a document and story. I adore them. They freeze a moment in time for your family. 


To keep things nice and relaxed for you, especially for the children, I like to do my lifestyle family and children photo sessions somewhere that you all love and are familiar with. It’s so important you all feel comfortable. 

Don’t worry if you can’t think of anywhere though, I know loads of stunning locations in the North West, especially around Southport and Preston, so I’ll be on hand to advise you if you get stuck. 


My Family and Children Lifestyle sessions are either £75 or an all inclusive price of £300. This includes my time, travel to your home (or other location) and an online password protected gallery where you can download all of your photographs digitally. More information can be found here.

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