Weddings, weddings, weddings, ..... I love them! 

And why wouldn't I? I get to spend the day with two people super in love and having the time of their lives!

You're reading this because you've had a ring put on it and its now time to tick some things off your HUGE planning list.


Have a browse around... Check me out and see if I could be a lovely addition to your wedding day.


You HAVE to have a connection with your wedding photographer. They are the one supplier you'll hire that you'll actually have to spend a good chunk of time with. Make good choices!


My approach to wedding photography is to capture what happens with very little input or direction. I am a natural wedding photographer. 

Of course there will be times during the day when I need to direct you or your guests but I believe the photography shouldn't over shadow your day. You may not know I am there for the majority of it but believe me when I tell you, when you see your finished gallery you will be amazed at just how much of the day I can capture.

For me its all about capturing the emotions and connections between people. I want to show you exactly how you and your guests felt on the day.

  I'm not one of those photographers that wants to whisk you away from the best day of your life for hours on end to get shots of the two of you. I'd rather snap you laughing and sharing a joke with your loved ones.


Choosing your wedding photographer can be hard...

I'm not here to make it even more difficult so I'll try and help with a few snippets of advice... Before you do anything... Read THIS . Its written by me about my own experience and how I cocked the bit up that was MY wedding photography. You'd think that I would have known better but at the time it just wasn't at the top of my 'Most Important' list. 

If I was booking a wedding photographer today then it would be at the top... underlined... highlighted and then maybe some LED lights decorating it so that I would keep being reminded to do it properly! Gah... If only I had a time machine. But I don't so I do like to stress how important your wedding photography is... When your wedding day is over (and it does go so fast!) and your flowers have died what have you got left? Yes I know you have a gorgeous husband or wife to canoodle with on a Saturday night but how are you going to keep re-living that best day of your life? Over time you do forget. You think you won't, You believe you will remember every second and detail of the day forever but memories fade. Trust me. Been there. Done that. Living and telling the tale.


So how do you know I (or any other wedding photographer) would be the right fit for your wedding day? I'll waffle on a bit more below to tell you...


So you are thinking 'How much is she then?' haha... Aren't we all... Before you contact me for pricing just think about where on your 'important list' your wedding photography is...Always go by the philosophy of 'Book the best for what you can afford'. You don't have to go crazy and spend silly amounts as most expensive doesn't always mean best when it comes to wedding suppliers. Make sure you like what you're seeing and you're not just basing your choices on price or because your mate Susan used the same supplier. You'll know when you find the one! You'll have a warm fuzzy feeling inside.


Another thing you need to consider when you meet your wedding photographer is 'Do we have a connection?' 

 Having someone follow you round on your wedding day that you don't particularly like is gonna be pretty shitty so make sure you get on first and foremost. (I think by now you will know what kind of person I am so if you are still thinking 'I like her' Carry on... (If you are still unsure you can find out more about me HERE)

Then look at their style of photography... can you imagine displaying it on the walls of your house? Does the style reflect the type of couple you are? If yes then you're onto a winner! You can never do enough research when it comes to your wedding photography. You really don't want to look back and think you got it wrong.


Once you've ticked all your boxes then book book book and then you can relax in the knowledge that your big day is going to documented well and its not going to be a chore! 

So... enough of my ramblings! Below you'll find some wedding photography by me... if its your thing then BRILL. Lets see if we click... get in touch and we can go from there... 

Your wedding photography is an investment...

Your photography is one of the most important elements of your wedding. After the day itself your pictures and album is what you will use to relive those memories and enjoy them with future generations.

As I have said previously in my blog you really don't want to get it wrong and have any regrets like I have. 


"A wedding goes by in a flash. The dress gets worn once, the flowers die, the champagne is drained, the cake is finished and the memories fade. But a good wedding photographer will be able to transport you back to the way you felt and capture all the things you didn't see or won't remember in years to come" Jacki Bruniquel 


I have produced a lovely little wedding photography guide which I can send you via email if you just pop your details below!


I have  stuffed the wedding guide with everything I think you'll need but if you do still have questions or need to chat about your plans quickly then just text WEDDING to 07972821684.


I do only take on  2/3  weddings per month throughout the year due to still having small children who need lots of attention! I wouldn't want my family or clients to suffer if I took on too much so to give everyone the love and attention they need I have this set number in place.

Weddings are booked on a first come first served basis and are not confirmed until your non refundable booking fee is paid. 

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